Proposed Stupa



Constructing and supporting to build a Stupa is a remarkable and a wholesome act anybody can rejoice as a follower of the Buddha Dhamma in this very life itself.

The Buddha’s sacred relics will be enshrined in this significant Monument to pay respect and homage to the Blessed One- the Buddha.

This is a challenge but as we always place trust in our pious devotees and generous contributors, now they have a great opportunity to support to meet our prospect.

We kindly request you to take part of this Stupa Project.

One day you will feel and your inner voice will resound that you are also a part of this Sacred Monument in Samadhi Buddhist Meditation Centre.

This will be indeed a great meritorious deed for the Parents who brought you up and your children to rejoice in the future.

Please contact Samadhi Buddhist meditation Centre on 03 – 9357 72 66
or click here for donation information.


May all beings be well and happy!


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