Mind is the chief

“The world is led around by mind, by mind it’s dragged here and there. Mind is the one thing that has all under its control.”

This is a sagacious and brilliant statement made by the Buddha.

Nature of the mind is wondering. Above mentioned profound expression clearly explicate it well.

Mind should be disciplined, trained and tamed. Practicing mindfulness immensely helps us to meet our prospect if we truly and honestly practice it in a manner of consistency.

Mindfulness of breathing and other techniques which the Buddha compassionately prescribed and recommended for us to cultivate and to train our mind definitely will pave the way to innermost happiness and inner peace.

Specially, during this challenging period we should be very wise and compassionate to ourselves.

We all must look after our both physical and mental health.

There are many medications and therapies for physical pains and ailments, but it is very complex to find remedies for mental disorders and afflictions.

Kindly schedule your time to practice meditation daily.

Once the Buddha said thus:

“Those disciples of Gotama ever awaken happily whose minds by day and night delight in the practice of meditation.”

May all be well, happy, free from danger, and safe!

Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thera