“If one holds oneself dear, one should diligently watch oneself”

This is a remarkable statement made by the Buddha 2600 years ago.

He constantly advised and encouraged multitude of individuals to safeguard all living beings and discouraged harming anyone by inculcating the danger of killing and the benefits of abstinence of killing.

Now our fellow humans can understand the significance and worth of life.
Now COVID-19 is a life-threatening pandemic disease which has taken the control over everything in the globe.

Everything is unpredictable and dangerous. Everyone is stressed and confused.
The proliferation and transmission of this virus is unimaginable.

Millions of people are depressed not only because of this virus but also from isolation, social distancing and economic burdens.

Multitudes of people lost their jobs and have been affected by this COVID=19 pandemic disease.

Many individuals who are infected and fighting for their lives around the globe today.
Numerous experts, professionals, authorities and skilful individuals in hospitals work around the clock.
Their lives at risk. Their indefatigable and unflagging service is highly appreciated and commendable.
They try their utmost to save lives of their fellow human beings.


As wise and compassionate human beings, we all must save lives of other living beings too.
Those who are committed and dedicated to do it become UNIQUE and EXTRAORDINARY.

Now is the precise time and opportunity for us to appreciate and value the LIFE we have inherited as HUMAN BEINGS.

Now is the moment for us to concentrate on our birth as a human being with many abilities and capabilities.

We should not take it for granted.

Once the great Master, the Buddha said thus:

“As from a great heap of flowers many garlands can be made, even so should many good deeds be done by one born a human being”.
(The Buddha)

By: Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thera.