“This body is the source of much pain and danger; for all kinds of afflictions arise in this body”.

“Bhikkhus, there are these two kinds of sickness. Which two? Bodily illness and mental illness.”

“People are found who can claim to enjoy bodily health for one….and even hundred years and more.”

“But apart from those whose taints have been destroyed. It is hard to find people in the world who can claim to enjoy mental health even for a moment.”

These above-mentioned pronouncements made by the Buddha 2600 years ago.
Still they are fresh, irreversible, and unchangeable.
Both physical and mental health are crucial for well-being of one’s life.
Most people concentrate only on physical health.
Unfortunately, they have forgotten the importance of mental health.

There are numerous medications and therapies for physical ailments and pains.
Even though many experts and professionals those who are active in the domain of psychology or psychiatry treat for those who are suffering from mental ailments and disorders, I believe that there is no precise remedy for mental disorders.
Some psychopaths and narcissists never change their deep-rooted perplexities, disorders, and complicated conditions.

They never accept that they are mentally sick.
Many individuals bitterly experience and suffer. Their immediate family members and associates become the victims.
We should treat them as children because spiritually they are poor.
Lack of spiritual development and dearth of spiritual friendship have led them to disaster.

They should be guided and trained carefully.
Medications might help them to reduce their ill balanced chemicals in the brain to some extent but medication itself does not totally help them to return to normality.
After the conclusion of medical treatment, they should be guided to practice mindfulness
Anger, jealousy, craving, ego, pride, anxiety, arrogance, self-centred mentality, and many unwholesome underlying tendencies are the key factors which make people suffer and depressed.

Spiritual friendship, Self-Observation, introspection, and meditation will help to get rid of these agonies and mental disorders.

Daily practice of meditation is the best.

The great master, the Buddha always has advised his disciples thus:

“What should be done for his disciples out of compassion by a teacher who seeks their welfare and has compassion for them, that I have done for you, bhikkhus.
There are these roots of trees, these empty huts. Meditate, bhikkhus, do not delay or else you will regret it later.
This is our instruction to you.”

May all be well, happy, be free from danger, be safe and be peaceful!

By: Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thero.