“Happy indeed we live, unafflicted amidst those afflicted by craving!

Amidst afflicted people we dwell free from affliction”.

This is the remarkable and profound statement of the Buddha.

Happiness is the most articulate and expressive word in the globe today.

The pursuit of happiness is the purpose of multitude of individuals.

But many voices reveal and affirm that what is contrary to true happiness.

Aspirations and dreams of many individuals clearly disclose what people are pursuit of.

Acquisition of wealth, accumulation of many material items, becoming a very influential person, and winning or acquiring honorary titles or felicitations are some of the ambitions and aspirations in many hearts.

But still they are not HAPPY.

Secret of the failure and the disappointment has been discovered, expounded, and entrusted the true way to approach and technique to pursue HAPPINESS by the great Master, the Buddha.

Twenty-six centuries ago, the Buddha set in motion of unique research himself as an aspirant of the Fully Enlightened One to achieve innermost happiness and peace by concluding his spiritual aspiration.

Unhappiness, Cause of Unhappiness, Happiness, and the Path to Happiness are named as Four Noble Truth in the teaching of the Buddha.

The Buddha clearly explicated and elucidated the breakthrough or realization in his first and foremost discourse after his Full Enlightenment called Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta – Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion.

Craving or an insatiable desire is the paramount cause of UNHAPPINESS.

In order to eradicate craving and to accomplish lasting happiness we all should be introspective.

We all should deeply and intensely concentrate on thoughts, ideas and brain waves.  Try not to be a slave of your own thoughts but to be a Master of your thoughts.

This is the science and unprecedented technique the Buddha taught us and encouraged multitude of people to practice it diligently.

One day, the middle of the night one of the deities visited the Buddha and recited this verse in the presence of the Blessed One:

“Those who dwell deep in the forest,

Peaceful, leading the holy life,

Eating but a single meal a day:

Why is their complexion so serene?

The Blessed One replied thus:

“They do not sorrow over the past,

Nor do they hanker for the future.

They maintain themselves with what is present.

Hence their complexion is so serene.

“Through hankering for the future,

Through sorrowing over the past,

Fools dry up and wither away

Like a green reed cut down.”

May all beings be well and happy!

By: Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thero