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An Incomparable Teacher – The Buddha

“Monks, there is one person arising in the world who is unique, without a peer, without counterpart, incomparable, unequalled, matchless, unrivalled, the best of humans.

Who is that person? It is the Tathagata, the Arahant, the Fully Enlightened One. This is that one person….

It marks the Full Moon Day of Vesak (May) today.

Today is the 2564th anniversary of Vesak.

Therefore, I thought to elaborate some profound characteristics of the great Master, the Buddha in brief on this special day.

Present day global atmosphere is inconceivable and unprecedented which the whole human society is drastically changed by COVID-19 deadly virus.

This is the precise time to reflect upon the inner qualities of the Buddha and what he compassionately encouraged us to do.

The Uniqueness of the Buddha is beyond comparison. A paragon of virtue, model of perfection, an embodiment of morality, a paradigm of impeccable personality, and incomparable immaculate spiritual leader who compassionately taught, guided and encouraged humanity towards innermost peace and happiness.

Inconceivable challenges and ineffable difficulties were enormous and excessively inundated in his life, but he patiently overcame and assiduously conquered them with courage and perseverance. With his unique dedication and paramount persistency, he conquered the battle of defilements and impurities; ultimately by treading the Noble Eightfold Path or Path of Purification which he attained by his spiritual accomplishment, the bliss of Nibbana.

After an extensive and amicable discussion with the Buddha one of the eminent and dedicated devotees of Nigantanataputta called Upali impressively extolled and glorified the Buddha in front of his devoted teacher thus:

He is the wise one who has cast off delusion

Abandoned the heart’s wilderness,

Victor in battle, he knows no anguish, is perfectly even-minded,

Mature in virtue, of excellent wisdom,

Beyond all temptations, he is without stain,

The Blessed One is he, and I am his disciple.

May all being be well, happy and safe!

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