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Absence Of Morality & Political Quagmire

“He is truly virtuous, wise, and righteous, who neither for his own sake nor for the sake of another (does any wrong), who does not crave for sons, wealth, or kingdom, and does not desire his own success by unjust means.

This is the remarkable statement which the Great Master, the Buddha compassionately emphasized for the sake of people twenty-five centuries ago.

The world’s pre-eminent dramatist, an excellent poet, widely regarded as the greatest writer in English language and outstanding personage in English literature, William Shakespeare said:

“All lovers promise to do the impossible but do not usually do even the possible”

Even though the politics in Sri Lanka is a disgraceful and contemptible issue which innumerable times made me refrain from putting my thoughts down, I prudently thought of writing this essay to enlighten our youth for the well-being and benefit of their own sake and for the sake of future generation.

Most individuals who are in political arena make countless and innumerable promises until they come into power in Sri Lanka. After every single election, along with their mighty power, they become puissant and high-and-mighty.

Well educated individuals and intellectuals become powerless and slaves. These uneducated and uncultured politicians become consultants and pseudo scholars. Unfortunately, this is a disaster and tragedy in our society today. Sadly, this has been conditioned as a “CULTURE” in Sri Lanka.

Majority in Sri Lanka is Sinhalese Buddhists and the rest are minorities. Unfortunately, no one is ready, wise, and matured to say or accept we are SRI LANKANS rather labelling themselves according to their ethnic identity. When one examines other countries where various ethnic people live how they introduce themselves is completely different from ours. Everyone is responsible for this issue. Specially, so called politicians must desist and refrain from igniting and provoking people from racial comments, prejudice, and discrimination.

So-called politicians are well aware of how to mislead and deceive innocent people, specially Sinhalese Buddhists, particularly villagers. For that mission they have inveigled Sinhalese Buddhist monks in the country by implanting and igniting xenophobia, ethnic issues and racism. This is the passageway and only approach now for these rogues to fool people to grab their votes and stay in power for life. Nothing else.

When you study and scrutinize some candidates those who are struggling to grab innocent people’s votes, have no even elementary education and basic qualification. Some of them have no essential knowledge of literacy and numeracy. Most of them have no knowledge of constitution of the country.

Unfortunately, some of them are extremely uneducated and illiterate.

These individuals foolishly criticize Western and European countries, but they have zero knowledge of foreign policies and foreign borrowings. Whole country is breathing because of foreign loans and borrowings. Somehow the whole country is in debt and indebted to China and Foreign banks.

According to statistics of slumping and plunging economic condition reveal an unimaginable and inconceivable foreign debt which 75 percent of population are not aware of. Unfortunately, so called infrastructure and facilities in most remote and rural territories are still primitive and even basics are absent. Some school children do not have shelters for them to protect from heat and rain. No need to explain about other facilities. This is an unimaginable wonder in Asia.

Unfortunately, from independence every single leader who came to power had no vision at all. That is why; language, race, nationality, and religion have been questioned by themselves. Even though they talk about Singapore or India or any other country or their policies, still our people are in conflict which will never come to an end. These elements are the provocative subjects and exasperating matters in our society today.

When we carefully observe the members of parliament in Sri Jayawardhanapura, Kotte, members of other provincial councils and local councils, the terrifying fact is that more than ninety nine percent of them are uneducated, unintelligent, inexperienced, uncultured and morally unhealthy.

Unfortunately, majority of voters have no clue, idea or any awareness at all about their representatives or policies they implement. Most voters unwisely and blindly cast their votes to elect thugs, criminals, rapists, robbers and perpetrators as members of the parliament. When you observe their behaviour and the way they speak is unimaginable as human beings and specially as leaders in our community. The way they act and speak is despicable, disgraceful and inhumane, though they are in human forms.

Unfortunately, some high and deputy prelates in the domain of Buddhist clergy, address these thugs and illiterates as “HONOURABLE”. What a DISGRACE and SHAME.

The leaders of political parties select all candidates, in order to keep their own personal promises to protect them from numerous wrong doings, crimes and punishments what they have done for their leaders to establish comfortable surrounding for themselves to hold their power for life and for their own members of the family.

The legitimate democracy, the principal of justice, and the rule of law are the tantamount components which lead to a GOOD GOVERNANCE in the country. Impartial judgements and equal opportunity for all would purely define the true democratic status and eminence of the country. None is above the Law and those who are in the realm of judiciary should be very impartial and respect the law which is written in jurisprudence and constitution. None of any political influence or administrative authority should change the governing mechanism and network which even innocent civilians are contended and pleased.

The cost of maintenance and payments of members in cabinet and other administrative bodies should be minimised, and unnecessary allowances and measures should completely be diminished, because they are squandering avenues only.

In comparison with other countries, so called politicians in Sri Lanka are greedy, unprincipled, unscrupulous, unprofessional and unethical. Some defeated and rejected persons repeatedly contest, try hard to hold even a lower position and struggle to come into power to destroy the whole country and the future generations to come.

It is obvious and palpable reality is that these politicians take the rule of law in their hands and act aggressively when they are in power. When one impartially reflects upon the period of last four decades, it has been perfectly proven. Some news bulletins reveal that innocent people are brought to justice and incarcerated in prisons for minor offences but major perpetrators and grave culprits those who have committed unimaginable frauds and crimes live freely.

Many school children visit parliament to learn about parliamentary proceedings. In the past, heads of state, ministers and House of Representatives had made numerous profound speeches in their capacities, according to their portfolios and still we can vividly remember how some of them made their resounding speeches. Late Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar, late Mr. Lalith Athulathmudali, late Mr. Gamini Dissanayake and Mr. Roney De Mel were the educated and well-read speakers among them. When you go through records of Hansard you could read their eloquent speeches and learn valuable and noteworthy facts.

Unfortunately, in the present none of the speeches can educate youth or adults in any subject. Most members of parliament do not have communication skills, they fight verbally and physically, and the parliament- the August Assembly has been transformed into a field of scoundrels and rogues. because uneducated and unintelligent people are full in that chamber. It is like a kid’s playground; some were throwing Holy book the Bible and other scoundrel was throwing water mixing with chilli – powder. In an interview man who was throwing chilli powder said that he did it in order to protect and preserve democracy. What a shameful act and disgraceful answer for the reason.

The predecessor in executive presidency who invited defeated members who were bitterly rejected by voters in certain districts to join the cabinet and the government which has never happened before. From the inception of coalition government, corrupted and defeated group tried their utmost to incapacitate and weaken the administration. This is the only service those failed individuals did. And ultimately the leader was deserted. Those ungrateful personals are the pursuit of power and benefits and they promptly sat on propitious side. Are they grateful or righteous?

When common candidate was campaigning for the presidential election in 2015, not only himself but also supporters were boasting about GOOD GOVERNANCE. Not only nationals but also global citizens were jubilant and triumphant to experience the change. Ultimately it is saddened to mention that all were frustrated and disappointed.

Dear citizens, be wise and careful. Think deeply and cast your precious and worthy vote for a wise, well educated, well cultured, well mannered, well behaved and intelligent person to elect as a member of your August Assembly to implement and execute bills, regulations, law, and statutes for the benefit of citizens.

“We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity.”
~ Martin Luther King Jr. ~

“Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power.”
~ Seth Berkley ~

“Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation.”
~ Simon Sinek ~

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
~ Joseph Stalin ~

This article was Published in Colombo Telegraph newspaper on 21 July 2020

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