Dear Friends!

Practice of meditation or practicing mindfulness is very important and beneficial.

We should train and tame our mind.
The nature of the mind is wondering. It wonders to the past and to the future plans. Very rarely stay in the present moment.

What we do in meditation is trying to keep our mind in the present moment.
Some people try to keep their mind still as soon as they sit in meditation. That would be a disaster.

Most important and vital factor is mindfulness or awareness.

Now sit on your meditation cushion or chair. Keep your body straight. Gently close your eyes. Settle yourself physically and mentally.

Bring your attention into the present moment.
First start to focus on yourself and relax. Relax your facial muscles. Be mindful of it. Relax your shoulders and shoulder joints. Relax your arms, hands. Relax your upper body and relax your lower body. Relax your whole body….ease tensions and relax. Take few minutes more just be aware what you are doing. Relax.

Please remember…not thinking…not projecting…not visualizing anything but just relaxing your body. Be fully aware of this process.

Then slowly and mindfully start to watch your breath. Inner breath and outer breath.
Just natural…simple…ordinary breath.
No need to exercise your breath.
No any effort…….just breath flows in and breath flows out. Just be very mindful of them.
Feel and experience the whole breath, when it flows in and out.

Some breaths are in short and some are in long. Just mindfully observe them.

Amidst this process and progress both negative and positive thoughts will appear in your mind. This disturbs and distracts you. That is the challenge.

You should be very mindful of your breath only. Let other thoughts ignore and let them go.
Please do not go to inner dialogue with them.

Do not let your mind wonder – if it is wondering, slowly and carefully bring back your attention into the present moment. Again mindfully start to observe your breath as it flows.

Take at least thirty minutes to practice.
And in the end just focus on yourself and cultivate loving kindness thoughts (Meththa) in you……just wish yourself….
May I be well. May I be happy. May I be free from danger. May I be safe!
Just continue it for few minutes…

Then convey your loving kindness thoughts towards your family members…..
Wish them be well, happy, free from danger and be safe!

Then direct your thoughts towards all living beings……
May all beings be well, free from danger and safe!

Just continue for few minutes and come out of meditation when you are ready.


Ven, Horowpothane Sathindriya Thero.